Copenhagen Art Club was established December, 1998. Lars Kraemmer took initiative to host the club at his studio in Sydhavn, Copenhagen. The intention was to create a social forum for artists in Copenhagen and visiting artists from around the world.

CAC was open every friday during 1999, concluded by a memorable new years eve with a seven minute silence leading up to the dawn of a new milinium. In the beginning the number of attendents was sparce in this remote, industrial fishing neighbourhood. During 1999 more artists found their way, and by the end of the year the house was not big enough to house everybody. The first year, art club was held every friday. Later it was one friday each month. Later again, it was once in a while. There has been 2-300 art club events in the period of 1998-2013.

CAC moved locations over the years and different remarkable people took turns running the club. Some locations were the giant basement under ”Vesterbro Kulturhus” on Enghave Plads, the charming bar: ”Blegdammens Stjerne” on Østerbro, and finally ”Gallopperiet” in Christiania.

CAC build a solid network of artists in Copenhagen and around the world. The first guests have matured and new guests continually supply fresh blood and energy.

CAC is presently run by Lars Kraemmer, who initially started it. Events occure when there is time, demand and desire.